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Benezet, Anthony 1713 - 1784 P
Berdyaev, Nikolai 1874 - 1948 P
Brentano, Clemens 1778 - 1842 P
Lisieux, Thérèse 1873 - 1897 P
Schimmelpenninck, Mary Anne 1778 - 1856 P
Charles X allows Jesuits to return to France and teach in State seminaries 1826 T Note
Civil Constitution of the Clergy in France 1790 T Note
Dubois becomes a Cardinal by bribery 1721 T Note
French clergy required to take oath 1790 T Note
French Concordat with Catholic church 1801 T Note
French law makes sacrilege a capital offence 1825 T Note
Law against Jesuits in France 1879 T Note
Primary Education Law in France gives effective control to Church 1833 T Note
Rebellion of Camisards Protestant peasants in Cévennes 1702 T Note
Religious decrees in France hostile towards the Catholic Church 1880 T Note
Rising of Protestants in the Cevennes 1689 T Note
The Gallican Church is reconciled with the Papacy 1693 T Note
The Parlement of Paris seizes the Archbishop of Paris' possessions 1752 T Note

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