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Andreae, Johannes Valentinus 1586 - 1654 P
Penn, William 1644 - 1718 P
Luther's Ninety-five Theses 1517 T Note
Reformation, The 1517 - 1600 T Note
Imperial Diet at Augsburg: Martin Luther presents his arguments against Catholicism 1518 - 1518 T Note
Martin Luther has private discussions with the papal chamberlain 1519 T Note
Martin Luther's public disputation with Johann Eck at Leipzig 1519 - 1519 T Note
Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther 1520 T Note
Edict of Worms 1521 T Note
Martin Luther is cross-examined at the Diet of Worms 1521 - 1521 T Note
Martin Luther condemns the religious riots in Saxony 1522 T Note
Diet of Nuremberg promises reform from Adrian VI 1523 T Note
Lutheranism is adopted by regional German rulers 1524 T Note
Meeting at Ratisbon plans internal Church reform 1524 T Note
The Protestant Princes of Germany meet at Ulm 1524 T Note
Prussia made a Protestant state by Albert von Brandenburg 1525 T Note
Catholic princes meet to consider a Catholic League 1525 T Note
Philip of Hesse plans alliance against League of Dessau 1525 T Note
Diet of Augsburg fails to solve religious crisis 1525 T Note
League of Torgau: a union of Protestant states in the German Empire 1526 T Note

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