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Coverdale, Miles 1488 - 1568 P
Paracelsus 1493 - 1541 P
Jussie, Jeanne 1503 - 1561 P
Calvin, Jean 1509 - 1564 P
Knox, John 1514 - 1572 P
Lavater, Johann Kaspar 1741 - 1801 P
Brentano, Clemens 1778 - 1842 P
Buber, Martin 1878 - 1965 P
Ulrich Zwingli preaches evangelical sermons that challenge the Catholic church in Switzerland 1519 T Note
Dissolution of the monasteries in Berne 1527 T Note
Catholic and Protestant antagonism in Swiss Cantons 1529 T Note
Zurich declares war on the Swiss Catholic Forest Cantons 1529 T Note
The Peace of Kappel creates Catholic and Protestant areas of Switzerland 1531 T Note
Jean Calvin is expelled from Geneva 1538 T Note
Protestants begin to leave England for Geneva and Zurich 1553 T Note
In Geneva an anti-Calvinist rising is ruthlessly put down 1555 T Note
English Protestant exiles return from Zurich and Geneva 1558 T Note
Vaudois attack Savoy in defence of their Protestant Confession 1560 T Note
Religious toleration granted to the Vaudois in Savoy 1561 T Note
Borromean League of Seven Swiss Catholic Cantons is formed 1586 T Note

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