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Gill, John 1697 - 1771 P
Wesley, Charles 1707 - 1788 P
A General Assembly of Presbyterian ministers meets in defiance of James VI 1605 T Note
Act of Security to protect the Presbyterian Church of Scotland 1707 T Note
Act of Toleration 1689 T Note
Act of Uniformity 1662 T Note
All magistrates are to swear loyalty to the King and Church of England 1661 T Note
Anti-State Church Association founded 1844 T Note
Archbishop Edward Grindal suspended for refusing to suppress Puritanism 1577 T Note
Attempt to introduce licensing for Dissenting ministers 1811 T Note
Balfour Declaration 1917 T Note
Bill on Church of England's right to run private schools 1714 T Note
Bill suspends Home Rule and Welsh Church bills 1914 T Note
Blasphemy Act is passed at Westminster 1648 T Note
Book of Common Prayer prescribed for Church of Scotland 1637 T Note
Brownist movement 1600 - 1650 T Note
Calvinistic First Book of Discipline becomes basis of Church of Scotland 1560 T Note
Catholic Emancipation Act 1829 T Note
Catholic Enterprise to depose Elizabeth I is revealed 1584 T Note
Catholic Relief Bill abandoned in Parliament 1813 T Note

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