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Bucer, Martin 1491 - 1551 P
Calvin, Jean 1509 - 1564 P
The Gutenberg Bible 1454 T Note
The Inquisition becomes very active in Spain 1478 T Note
Malleus Maleficarum is published in Rome 1486 T Note
Pope Innocent VIII dies 1492 T Note
Roderigo Borgia is elected Pope Alexander VI 1492 T Note
Savonarola condemned to death 1498 T Note
Cesare Borgia leaves Rome as papal legate to Louis XII 1498 T Note
Pope Alexander VI calls on all princes to support a crusade 1500 T Note
Henry VII refuses to lead a crusade against the Turks 1501 T Note
Spain orders the expulsion of all non-baptised Moors 1502 T Note
Maximilian I summons the German princes to join him on a crusade 1502 T Note
Pope Alexander VI dies 1503 T Note
Francesco Todeschini is elected Pope Pius III 1503 T Note
Giuliana della Rovere is elected Pope Julius II 1503 T Note
Republic of Venice is excommunicated 1509 - 1510 T Note
Pope Julius II joins the League of Cambrai 1509 T Note
Pope Julius II leaves the League of Cambrai 1510 T Note
Synod of French bishops at Tours condemns Pope Julius II 1510 T Note

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