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Anti-State Church Association founded 1844 T Note
Attempt to introduce licensing for Dissenting ministers 1811 T Note
Bill suspends Home Rule and Welsh Church bills 1914 T Note
Catholic Emancipation Act 1829 T Note
Catholic Relief Bill abandoned in Parliament 1813 T Note
Catholic Relief Bill rejected by House of Lords 1821 T Note
Cheap Repository Tracts 1795 - 1798 T Note
Church Building Act 1824 T Note
Church Missionary Society founded 1799 T Note
Church of Scotland splits 1843 T Note
Clapham Sect 1789 - 1833 T Note
Commons pass Welsh Church bill 1913 T Note
Disestablishment of Irish Church 1869 T Note
Dissenters' Chapels Act 1844 T Note
Ecclesiastical Commission 1836 T Note
Ecclesiastical Titles Act 1851 T Note
Gordon Riots 1780 - 1780 T
Irish Protestant Volunteer movement 1779 T Note
Newman converts to catholicism 1845 T Note
Orange Order founded in Ulster, Northern Ireland 1795 T Note

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