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Bucer, Martin 1491 - 1551 P
Gill, John 1697 - 1771 P
Wesley, Charles 1707 - 1788 P
Dunstan becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 960 T
Tithes 1000 - 1880 T
Clerical Livings 1066 - 1880 T Note
Anselm becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 1093 T Note
Cistercians 1098 T
Settlement of Investiture Dispute 1107 T Note
Thomas Becket becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 1162 T Note
Council and Constitutions of Clarendon 1164 T Note
Thomas Becket is murdered 1170 T Note
Hubert Walter becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 1193 - 1205 T Note
England refuses to pay taxes to the Pope in Rome 1366 T Note
Supremacy of the Pope challenged by John Wyclif 1366 T Note
Lollards, Lollardy 1382 - 1550 T
John Wycliffe's works condemned 1382 T Note
Henry VII refuses to lead a crusade against the Turks 1501 T Note
Richard Hunne dies in the Tower of London 1514 T Note
Publication of the Tyndale New Testament 1520 T Note

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