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The Inquisition becomes very active in Spain 1478 T Note
Spain orders the expulsion of all non-baptised Moors 1502 T Note
Pope Julius II joins the League of Cambrai 1509 T Note
Pope Julius II leaves the League of Cambrai 1510 T Note
Inquisition begins in the Spanish Netherlands 1522 T Note
Adrian of Utrecht, Regent of Spain, is elected Pope Adrian VI 1522 T Note
Cardinal Pole fails to win Charles V's support for attacking England 1539 T Note
Jesuits 1540 T Note
Philip II enforces the decrees of the Council of Trent 1564 T Note
Jesuit missions to Florida and the south-west 1570 T Note
Treaty of Arras effects a reconciliation with Philip II 1579 T Note
Pope Sixtus V excommunicates Henry of Navarre 1585 T Note
Mass American Indian baptism in Florida 1594 T Note
Jesuits establish their first mission base in Paraguay 1609 T Note

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