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1552 Prayer Book rejected 1553 T Note
Cardinal Pole fails to win Charles V's support for attacking England 1539 T Note
Cardinal Pole is sent to return Henry VIII to the Church of Rome 1537 T Note
Cardinals Campeggio and Wolsey open their legatine court 1529 T Note
Catholic Enterprise to depose Elizabeth I is revealed 1584 T Note
Edmund Campion is seized 1581 T Note
English Parliament draws up severe anti-Catholic legislation 1581 - 1581 T Note
English Parliament imposes severe penalties against Roman Catholics 1606 T Note
Henry VIII is excommunicated 1533 T Note
James II introduces Roman Catholics into the Church and army 1686 T Note
James II receives the Papal Nuncio 1687 T Note
James II tries to appoint Catholics to Oxford and Cambridge colleges 1687 T Note
Jesuit Robert Southwell is hanged at Tyburn 1595 T Note
Jesuits and seminary priests are ordered to leave England 1602 T Note
Jesuits Robert Parsons and Edmund Campion land in England 1580 T Note
Mary Tudor attempts to flee to Flanders 1550 T Note
Parliament legislates to expel Jesuits and seminary priests 1584 - 1584 T Note
Parliament passes anti-Catholic acts 1571 - 1571 T Note
Parliament re-establishes Roman Catholicism 1554 - 1555 T Note
Pole assumes the functions of Papal Legate in England 1556 T Note

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