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Charms, Old English 600 - 1100 T
Eadwine converts to Christianity with his court 627 T
King Cynegils of Wessex converts to Christianity 635 T
The founding of the Archbishopric of York, with Ecgbert as Archbishop 735 T
St. Cuthbert becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 740 T
Early English Bible Translations 800 - 1000 T
Dunstan becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 960 T
Anselm becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 1093 T Note
Settlement of Investiture Dispute 1107 T Note
Thomas Becket becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 1162 T Note
Richard Hunne dies in the Tower of London 1514 T Note
Pope Leo X confers the title 'Defender of the Faith' on Henry VIII 1521 T Note
Pope refuses to dissolve Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon 1529 - 1529 T Note
Cardinals Campeggio and Wolsey open their legatine court 1529 T Note
Henry VIII is excommunicated 1533 T Note
Sir Thomas More refuses to take the oath to the succession 1534 T Note
Cardinal Pole is sent to return Henry VIII to the Church of Rome 1537 T Note
Pope Paul III excommunicates and deposes Henry VIII 1538 T Note
Cardinal Pole fails to win Charles V's support for attacking England 1539 T Note
Mary Tudor attempts to flee to Flanders 1550 T Note

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