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Benezet, Anthony 1713 - 1784 P
Bucer, Martin 1491 - 1551 P
Calvin, Jean 1509 - 1564 P
Gill, John 1697 - 1771 P
Wesley, Charles 1707 - 1788 P
20 000 Salzburg Protestants settle in East Prussia 1732 T Note
A 'Communist state' is established by the Anabaptists at Munster 1534 T Note
A General Assembly of Presbyterian ministers meets in defiance of James VI 1605 T Note
A protest against the Diet's decisions creates the word 'Protestant' 1529 T Note
A truce in the French War is signed at Marigny 1575 T Note
Act in Restraint of Appeals 1533 T Note
Act of Security to protect the Presbyterian Church of Scotland 1707 T Note
Act of Supremacy 1534 T Note
Act of Toleration 1689 T Note
Act of Uniformity 1662 T Note
Act of Uniformity 2 1549 T Note
All magistrates are to swear loyalty to the King and Church of England 1661 T Note
American Puritan Writing 1620 - 1750 T
Anabaptist leader John of Leiden crushes an attempted coup 1534 T Note
Anglican Church becomes the established religion of New South Wales 1826 T Note

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