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Bucer, Martin 1491 - 1551 P
A General Assembly of Presbyterian ministers meets in defiance of James VI 1605 T Note
Act in Restraint of Appeals 1533 T Note
Act of Supremacy 1534 T Note
Act of Uniformity 2 1549 T Note
Anti-papal iconoclasm in southern England 1538 T Note
Archbishop Edward Grindal suspended for refusing to suppress Puritanism 1577 T Note
Book of Common Prayer prescribed for Church of Scotland 1637 T Note
Calvinistic First Book of Discipline becomes basis of Church of Scotland 1560 T Note
Charles I is crowned King of Scotland; insists on Anglicising the Church 1633 T Note
Charles V and Francis I meet at Aigues Mortes to discuss Protestant heresies 1538 - 1538 T Note
Church of Scotland founded 1560 T Note
Dissenters 1600 T
Dissolution of the Monasteries 1536 - 1540 T Note
England breaks with Rome - the Henrician Reformation 1533 - 1540 T Note
English Protestant exiles return from Zurich and Geneva 1558 T Note
Episcopacy restored in Scotland; Presbyterian ministers are banned 1606 T Note
First Book of Common Prayer 1549 T Note
First stages of a Protestant Reformation in England 1547 T Note
Five Articles of Religion 1618 T Note

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