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Gill, John 1697 - 1771 P
Wesley, Charles 1707 - 1788 P
Act of Uniformity 2 1549 T Note
All magistrates are to swear loyalty to the King and Church of England 1661 T Note
Archbishop Edward Grindal suspended for refusing to suppress Puritanism 1577 T Note
Bill on Church of England's right to run private schools 1714 T Note
Blasphemy Act is passed at Westminster 1648 T Note
Book of Common Prayer prescribed for Church of Scotland 1637 T Note
Charles I is crowned King of Scotland; insists on Anglicising the Church 1633 T Note
Commission for the Propagation of the Gospel in Wales appointed by Parliament 1650 T Note
English Protestant exiles return from Zurich and Geneva 1558 T Note
First stages of a Protestant Reformation in England 1547 T Note
Five Articles of Religion 1618 T Note
Huguenots from Picardy settle in England 1669 T Note
Lady Jane Grey and Protestant advisors are tried for treason 1553 T Note
Oath of Association is taken to defend William III and Protestantism 1696 T Note
Parliament passes anti-Catholic acts 1571 - 1571 T Note
Parliament passes the Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity 1559 - 1559 T Note
Protestants begin to leave England for Geneva and Zurich 1553 T Note
Puritans in Parliament fail to gain radical Church reform 1576 T Note

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