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Bucer, Martin 1491 - 1551 P
A 'Communist state' is established by the Anabaptists at Munster 1534 T Note
A protest against the Diet's decisions creates the word 'Protestant' 1529 T Note
Anabaptist leader John of Leiden crushes an attempted coup 1534 T Note
Archbishop of Cologne is deposed for favouring Protestantism 1543 T Note
Archduke Ferdinand refuses to make any concessions to the Lutherans 1529 T Note
Battle of Wiesloch 1622 T Note
Battle of Wimpfen 1622 T Note
Bernard Rothmann invites Dutch Anabaptists to Munster 1533 T Note
Bitterness between Catholics and Protestants at the Ratisbon Imperial Diet 1603 T Note
Calvinists force the Elector of Trier to leave his Archbishopric 1559 T Note
Charles V and Francis I meet at Aigues Mortes to discuss Protestant heresies 1538 - 1538 T Note
Christian of Anhalt becomes the leading German Calvinist prince 1603 T Note
Defensive anti-Catholic alliance of Weimar formed 1528 T Note
Diet at Ratisbon in deadlock over religions issues 1613 T Note
Edict of Worms 1521 T Note
Frederick IV, a Calvinist, succeeds as Elector Palatine 1580 T Note
German Lutherans refuse the Pope's invitation to a general council 1537 T Note
Henry VIII seeks an alliance with the German Protestant princes 1535 T Note
Imperial Diet at Augsburg: Martin Luther presents his arguments against Catholicism 1518 - 1518 T Note

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