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Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther 1520 T Note
Edict of Worms 1521 T Note
Lutheranism is adopted by regional German rulers 1524 T Note
The Protestant Princes of Germany meet at Ulm 1524 T Note
Prussia made a Protestant state by Albert von Brandenburg 1525 T Note
Philip of Hesse plans alliance against League of Dessau 1525 T Note
League of Torgau: a union of Protestant states in the German Empire 1526 T Note
League of Gotha created as an association of Protestant princes 1526 T Note
Defensive anti-Catholic alliance of Weimar formed 1528 T Note
Archduke Ferdinand refuses to make any concessions to the Lutherans 1529 T Note
A protest against the Diet's decisions creates the word 'Protestant' 1529 T Note
Luther and Zwingli hold a disputation at Marburg 1529 - 1529 T Note
The Confession of Augsburg is signed by the Protestant princes 1530 T Note
Zwingli's Confession is presented to Charles V 1530 T Note
Martin Luther advises the Protestant princes not to compromise 1530 T Note
Protestant princes ordered to conform by 15th April 1531 1530 T Note
The German Protestant princes deliberate at Schmalkalden 1530 T Note
League of Schmalkalden/ Schmalkaldic League 1531 - 1547 T Note
Lutheran deadline for conformity expires 1531 T Note
Ulm, Nuremberg and Augsburg form a league for religious freedom 1533 T Note

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