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Advances in the study of trade winds, monsoons and solar heating 1686 T Note
Steam-powered water pump built 1698 T Note
Newcomen builds the first steam Engine 1704 T Note
Piston-and-cylinder steam-powered water pump built 1712 T Note
Hargreaves’ “Spinning Jenny” 1764 T Note
Watt patents his steam engine 1769 T Note
Arkwright's water frame 1769 T
Crompton’s spinning mule 1779 T Note
First installation of James Watt's stationary rotary steam engine in a cotton mill 1783 T Note
Cartwright's power loom 1785 T Note
First application of Boulton-Watt rotary steam engine to spinning mule 1798 T Note
Double-acting high-pressure steam engine invented by Richard Trevithick 1804 T Note
Stephenson's Rocket 1814 T Note
The Times newspaper installs steam press 1814 T Note
First iron steamship launched 1820 T Note
Electricity-powered motor built by Michael Faraday 1821 T Note
First transatlantic crossing by steamship 1838 T Note
I K Brunel's steamship is launched 1838 T Note

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