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Uranus discovered 1781 T Note
Triton discovered by William Lassell 1846 T Note
Maxwell theorizes on the nature of Saturn’s rings 1856 T Note
Solar flares discovered by Richard Carrington 1859 T Note
Differential nature of solar rotation discovered by Richard Carrington 1863 T Note
Herschel's General Catalogue of stars and nebulae 1864 T Note
William Clifford suggests that the motion of matter may be due to changes in the geometry of space 1876 T Note
Jeans length determined 1902 T Note
Edward Maunder plots the first sunspot ’butterfly diagram’ 1904 T Note
Arthur Eddington begins his statistical study of stellar motions 1906 T Note
Dirac’s cosmological theory 1938 T Note
Steady state cosmologies proposed 1948 T Note
Carbon-12 resonance predicted 1953 T Note
Hoyle-Narlikar theory formulated 1963 T Note
Origin of singularities posited 1964 T Note
Kerr solution found to describe a spinning black hole 1965 T Note
Quasar density shown to increase with redshift 1965 T Note
Radio pulses from the pulsar PSR 1919+21 discovered 1967 T Note
First cloning of a vertebrate 1967 T Note
Black holes within galaxies theory 1969 T Note

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