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Darwin, Charles 1809 - 1882 P
Douglas, Norman 1868 - 1952 P
Fleck, Ludwik 1896 - 1961 P
Huxley, T. H. 1825 - 1895 P
Muir, John 1838 - 1914 P
Traill, Catharine Parr 1802 - 1899 P
Amino acid simulation posited 1953 T Note
Bacterial resistance to virus infection explained 1942 T Note
Birth of genetics: genes are carried on chromosomes and are the mechanical basis of heredity 1911 T Note
Cane toad introduced 1935 T Note
Charles Darwin's voyage on the Beagle 1831 - 1836 T Note
Charles R. Darwin and Alfred Wallace independently propose natural selection theories of evolution 1858 T Note
Chlorophyll synthesized 1960 T Note
Cholesterol and cortisone synthesized 1951 T Note
Conditioned responses demonstrated by Pavlov 1907 T Note
Conditions of replicationm, mutation and evolution of RNA molecules posited 1974 T Note
Constancy Principle [Konstanzprinzip] 1850 T Note
Darwin's theory of evolution creates controversy 1859 T Note
Darwinism in Literature 1859 T
Discovery of ’virus’ 1898 T Note

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