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Humboldt, Alexander von 1769 - 1859 P
Captain Bering reaches Alaska 1740 T Note
Coronado explores the south-west of North America 1540 - 1542 T Note
Daniel Boone reaches Kentucky for the first time 1769 T Note
Explorers Robert Peary and Matthew Henson reportedly reach the North Pole 1909 T Note
Francais Jacques Marquette explores the Mississippi 1673 T Note
Francis Drake discovers San Francisco Bay 1579 T Note
Grand Canyon surveyed 1881 T Note
Henry Hudson enters Hudson’s Bay 1609 T Note
Henry Morton Stanley meets David Livingstone 1871 T Note
John C Fremont maps the American West 1842 - 1844 T Note
Marquette and Joliet descend Mississippi to Arkansas 1673 T Note
Simon Ferdinando lands in Maine 1597 T Note
The Lewis and Clark Expedition 1803 - 1806 T Note
Verrazzano explores New York Bay and Newfoundland 1524 - 1524 T Note
The Souls of Black Folk (William Edward Burghardt Du Bois) 1903 W

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