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Hobbes, Thomas 1588 - 1679 P
Norwood, Richard 1590 - 1675 P
Arbuthnot, John 1667 - 1735 P
Darley, George 1795 - 1846 P
Napierian logarithms formulated 1614 T Note
Decimal logarithms discussed by Henry Briggs in Logarithmorum Chilias prima 1617 T Note
John Wallis writes Arithmetica Infinitorum 1655 T Note
Length of a cycloid established 1658 T Note
Infinite series established for the logarithm 1668 T Note
Pi computed to 100 decimal places 1706 T Note
Green’s theorem proven 1828 T Note
George Boole formalizes symbolic logic in The Mathematical Analysis of Logic 1847 T Note
George Stokes proves Stokes’ Law 1851 T Note
Arthur Cayley shows that quaternions can be used to represent rotations in four-dimensional space 1854 T Note
Quicksort algorithm invented 1960 T Note

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