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Faraday, Michael 1791 - 1867 P
Maxwell, James Clerk 1831 - 1879 P
Absolute zero point of temperature discovered by Lord Kelvin 1848 T Note
Atomic ideas introduced into chemistry 1803 T Note
Atomic theory formulated by John Dalton 1827 T Note
Correlation interferometer completed 1956 T Note
Dependence of solitary water wave velocities on wave amplitude and water depth studied 1834 T Note
Discovery of the characteristic X-rays of elements 1906 T Note
Discovery that light propagation is influenced by external magnetic fields 1845 T Note
Distribution law of molecular velocities stated by Maxwell 1859 T Note
Dynamic theory of the electromagnetic field formulated by Maxwell 1864 T Note
Electromagnet invented by William Sturgeon 1823 T Note
Electron discovered by Joseph Thomson 1897 T Note
Entropy 1850 T Note
Existence of protons in atomic nucleus posited 1914 T Note
First observation of Brownian motion 1827 T Note
George Stokes defines the Stokes parameters of polarization 1852 T Note
James Joule and Lord Kelvin demonstrate that a rapidly expanding gas cools 1852 T Note
Law of induction stated by Michael Faraday 1831 T Note
Laws of electrolysis stated by Michael Faraday 1832 T Note

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