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Einstein, Albert 1879 - 1955 P
Heisenberg, Werner 1901 - 1976 P
Planck, Max 1858 - 1947 P
Barium discovered 1939 T Note
Bohr's atomic model generalised and refined 1915 T Note
Curvature of spacetime posited by Einstein 1912 T Note
Development of Ising model 1925 T Note
Einstein-Smoluchowski formula found 1910 T Note
Heisenberg presents the proton-neutron model of the nucleus 1932 T Note
Kaluza-Klein theory formulated 1921 T Note
Metallic catalysts improving the strength of polyethylene polymers discovered 1953 T Note
Perfect superconducting diamagnetism discovered 1933 T Note
Photoelectric investigation into cathode rays 1902 T Note
Principles of equivalence of gravitation and inertia used to predict the gravitational redshift 1907 T Note
Quantum matrix mechanics formulated 1925 T Note
Quantum Mechanics 1905 T Note
Röntgen discovers the X-ray 1895 T
The first exact solution to the Einstein field equations of general relativity 1916 T Note
The Stark effect posited 1913 T Note
Theory of special relativity completed; law of mass-energy conservation stated 1905 T Note

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