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Carr, Edward Hallett 1892 - 1982 P
Evola, Julius 1898 - 1974 P
Utopia T
Renaissance Humanism 1500 - 1640 T
Mercantilism 1580 - 1780 T Note
Political Economy 1740 - 1860 T
Physiocracy 1767 - 1807 T Note
Political Econony Club 1821 T Note
Hegemony 1926 T
The Year of Dreaming Dangerously (Slavoj Žižek) W
Politeia (Plato) 370 B.C.E. W
Politikos (Plato) 350 B.C.E. W
De Re Publica (Marcus Tullius Cicero) 54 B.C.E. W
De Legibus (Marcus Tullius Cicero) 52 B.C.E. W
De Officiis (Marcus Tullius Cicero) 44 B.C.E. W
Encomium Emmae Reginum (Anonymous) 1041 W
The Life of King Edward who rests at Westminster (Anonymous) 1066 W
De monarchia (Dante Alighieri) 1310 W
Il Principe (Niccolo Machiavelli) 1532 W
The Appellation of John Knox from the cruell and most iniust sentence pronounced against him by the false bishoppes and clergie of Scotland, with his supplication and exhortation to the nobilitie, estates and commonalitie of the same realme (John Knox) 1558 W

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