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The Souldiers Fortune (Thomas Otway) 1680 W
The Gamester (Susannah Centlivre) 1705 W
The Basset Table (Susannah Centlivre) 1705 W
The What D'Ye Call It (John Gay) 1715 W
Three Hours After Marriage (John Gay) 1717 W
Three Hours After Marriage (Alexander Pope) 1717 W
The Beggar's Opera (John Gay) 1728 W
A Harlot's Progress (William Hogarth) 1732 W
A Rake's Progress (William Hogarth) 1735 W
Eurydice Hissed or a Word to the Wise (Henry Fielding) 1737 W
The Four Times of Day and Strolling Actresses dressing in a Barn (William Hogarth) 1738 W
Marriage A-la-Mode (William Hogarth) 1745 W
Industry and Idleness (William Hogarth) 1747 W
The March to Finchley (William Hogarth) 1750 W
The Four Stages of Cruelty (William Hogarth) 1750 W
Beer Street and Gin Lane (William Hogarth) 1751 W
Four Prints of an Election (William Hogarth) 1755 W
Tailpiece, or The Bathos (William Hogarth) 1764 W
Maid Marian (Thomas Love Peacock) 1822 W
The Misfortunes of Elphin (Thomas Love Peacock) 1829 W

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