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Beast Epic 300 T Note
Greek Epic Cycle 700 - 100 T
The Beowulf Manuscript 990 - 1010 T
Great Fire in Chicago 1871 T Note
The Posthomerica (Quintus of Smyrna) 200 W
Chanson de Roland (Anonymous) 1080 W
Roman de Brut (Wace) 1155 W
Lancelot, ou le Chevalier de la Charrette (Chretien de Troyes) 1177 W
Slovo o polku Igoreve (Anonymous) 1185 W
Nibelungenlied (Anonymous) 1200 W
Willehalm (Wolfram von Eschenbach) 1212 W
Edda, the Prose (Snorri Sturluson) 1220 W
Egils Saga (Anonymous) 1220 W
Hrólfs saga kraka (Anonymous) 1230 W
Kudrun (Anonymous) 1230 W
Njáls Saga (Anonymous) 1275 W
Orlando Innamorato (Matteo Maria Boiardo) 1495 W
La Franciade (Pierre de Ronsard) 1572 W
Os Lusíadas (Luís de Camões) 1572 W
Gerusalemme liberata (Torquato Tasso) 1581 W

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