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Huxley, Aldous 1894 - 1963 P
Lewis, C. S. 1898 - 1963 P
Mitchison, Naomi 1897 - 1999 P
Priest, Christopher 1943 - P
Wells, H. G. 1866 - 1946 P
Out of the Silent Planet (C. S. Lewis) 1938 W
Perelandra (C. S. Lewis) 1943 W
Spider World: the Tower (Colin Wilson) 1987 W
That Hideous Strength (C. S. Lewis) 1945 W
The First Men in the Moon (H. G. Wells) 1901 W
The Invisible Man (H. G. Wells) 1897 W
The Island of Doctor Moreau (H. G. Wells) 1896 W
The Space Vampires (aka Lifeforce) (Colin Wilson) 1976 W
The Time Machine (H. G. Wells) 1895 W
The War of the Worlds (H. G. Wells) 1898 W

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