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Autobiography 2000 B.C.E. T
An Appeal to Honour and Justice (Daniel Defoe) 1715 W
Memoir (William Cowper) 1767 W
Autobiography (Benjamin Franklin) 1791 W
Dichtung und Wahrheit: Aus meinem Leben (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) 1811 W
Italienische Reise (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) 1816 W
Biographia Literaria (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) 1817 W
Confessions of an English Opium Eater (Thomas De Quincey) 1822 W
La vie de Henry Brulard (Stendhal) 1835 W
A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (Frederick Douglass) 1845 W
Our Nig: or, Sketches from the Life of a Free Black (Harriet E. Wilson) 1859 W
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself (Harriett Jacobs) 1861 W
Hospital Sketches (Louisa May Alcott) 1863 W
Harriet Martineau's Autobiography (Harriet Martineau) 1877 W
A Small Boy and Others (Henry James) 1913 W
The Middle Years (Henry James) 1914 W
Notes of a Son and Brother (Henry James) 1914 W
The Enormous Room (E. E. Cummings) 1922 W
Moe otkrytie Ameriki (Vladimir Mayakovsky) 1926 W
Goodbye to All That (Robert Graves) 1929 W

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