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Travel Literature in Antiquity T
Journeys of Niccolo Conti recorded by Poggio Bracciolini 1439 T Note
Early Modern Voyages of Discovery and Travel Writing 1500 - 1650 T
Dampier's A Voyage to New Holland in the Year 1699 1703 T Note
Mandeville's Travels (John Mandeville) 1357 W
Discoverie of Guiana (Walter Ralegh) 1596 W
Coryats Crudities (Thomas Coryate) 1611 W
A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy (Laurence Sterne) 1767 W
An Account of Corsica: The Journal of a Tour to that Island (James Boswell) 1768 W
Observations on the River Wye, and Several Parts of South Wales, chiefly relative to Picturesque Beauty, made in the summer of the year 1770 (William Gilpin) 1782 W
Dreams, Waking Thoughts, and Incidents (William Beckford) 1783 W
Journal of a Tour of the Hebrides (James Boswell) 1785 W
Journal meiner Reise im Jahr 1769 (Johann Gottfried von Herder) 1803 W
De l'Allemagne (Madame de Staël) 1813 W
Italienische Reise (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) 1816 W
History of a Six Weeks' Tour (Percy Bysshe Shelley) 1817 W
Reisebilder (Heinrich Heine) 1826 W
Domestic Manners of the Americans (Frances Trollope) 1832 W
American Notes for General Circulation (Charles Dickens) 1842 W
Sur l'eau (Guy de Maupassant) 1888 W

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