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Aeschines' Against Ctesiphon and Demosthenes' On the Crown 330 B.C.E. T Note
Bismarck's 'Blood and Iron' speech 1862 T Note
Emerson delivers his American Scholar address 1837 T Note
Eulogy 600 B.C.E. T Note
Pan Slav speech by Russian General Skobelev alarms Germany 1882 T Note
A Brighter Coming Day (Frances Ellen Watkins Harper) 1853 W
De imperio Cn. Pompei sive pro lege Manilia (Marcus Tullius Cicero) 66 W
Magnanimity (C. P. Snow) 1962 W
Panegyricus (Pliny) 100 W
Pro Caecina (Marcus Tullius Cicero) 69 B.C.E. W
Pro Plancio (Marcus Tullius Cicero) 54 W
Pro Publio Sulla (Marcus Tullius Cicero) 62 B.C.E. W
The Deceptive Silence of Stolen Voices (Wole Soyinka) 2003 W

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