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Carpe Diem 1600 T Note
Astrophil and Stella (Philip Sidney) 1591 W
Damon the Mower (Andrew Marvell) 1652 W
Dedicatory Epistle to Mary Sidney Herbert (Christopher Marlowe) 1592 W
La Judit (Guillaume de Salluste du Bartas) 1574 W
Lycidas (John Milton) 1637 W
Ocean to Cynthia (Walter Ralegh) 1591 W
On The Death of Sir Roger Manwood (Christopher Marlowe) 1592 W
Os Lusíadas (Luís de Camões) 1572 W
Saint Peters Complaynte (Robert Southwell) 1595 W
The Garden (Andrew Marvell) 1648 W
The Mower to the Glow-worms (Andrew Marvell) 1652 W
The Mower's Song (Andrew Marvell) 1652 W
The Rewarde of Wickednesse (Richard Robinson) 1574 W
To Penshurst (Ben Jonson) 1616 W
To Saxham (Thomas Carew) 1640 W

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