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Hymns For The Amusement of Children (Christopher Smart) 1771 W
Olney Hymns (William Cowper) 1779 W
Poetical Sketches (William Blake) 1783 W
Elegiac Sonnets, and Other Essays (Charlotte Smith) 1784 W
Songs of Innocence (William Blake) 1789 W
America, A Prophecy (William Blake) 1793 W
Songs of Experience (William Blake) 1794 W
Hours of Idleness (George Gordon Byron) 1807 W
Original Poetry by Victor and Cazire (Percy Bysshe Shelley) 1810 W
Queen Mab (Percy Bysshe Shelley) 1813 W
Hebrew Melodies (George Gordon Byron) 1815 W
The Revolt of Islam (Percy Bysshe Shelley) 1818 W
Don Juan (George Gordon Byron) 1819 W
Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery (John Clare) 1820 W
The Village Minstrel (John Clare) 1821 W
The Improvisatrice and Other Poems (Letitia Landon) 1824 W
Records of Woman (Felicia Hemans) 1828 W
The Rural Muse (John Clare) 1835 W
Sonnets from the Portuguese (Elizabeth Barrett Browning) 1850 W
Maud, and other Poems (Alfred Tennyson) 1855 W

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