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Castle Nowhere (Constance Fenimore Woolson) 1875 W
The Madonna of the Future and Other Tales (Henry James) 1879 W
Rodman the Keeper: Southern Sketches (Constance Fenimore Woolson) 1880 W
The Private Life (Henry James) 1893 W
The Front Yard and other Italian Stories (Constance Fenimore Woolson) 1894 W
Dorothy and other Italian Stories (Constance Fenimore Woolson) 1894 W
Lin McLean (Owen Wister) 1898 W
The Forerunner (Charlotte Perkins Gilman) 1909 W
Lost Borders (Mary Austin) 1909 W
Winesburg, Ohio (Sherwood Anderson) 1919 W
Flappers and Philosophers (F. Scott Fitzgerald) 1920 W
Darkwater (William Edward Burghardt Du Bois) 1920 W
Tales of the Jazz Age (F. Scott Fitzgerald) 1922 W
Three Stories and Ten Poems (Ernest Hemingway) 1923 W
In Our Time (Ernest Hemingway) 1925 W
All the Sad Young Men (F. Scott Fitzgerald) 1926 W
Men Without Women (Ernest Hemingway) 1927 W
Guests of the Nation (Frank O'Connor) 1931 W
The Pastures of Heaven (John Steinbeck) 1932 W
The Red Pony (John Steinbeck) 1933 W

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