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Renaissance Humanism 1500 - 1640 T
The Appellation of John Knox from the cruell and most iniust sentence pronounced against him by the false bishoppes and clergie of Scotland, with his supplication and exhortation to the nobilitie, estates and commonalitie of the same realme (John Knox) 1558 W
Letter to Queen Elizabeth (Philip Sidney) 1580 W
View of the Present State of Ireland (Edmund Spenser) 1596 W
Of Prelatical Episcopacy (John Milton) 1641 W
Animadversions upon the Remonstrants Defence, Against Smectymnuus (John Milton) 1641 W
An Apology Against a Pamphlet Call'd A Modest Confutation (John Milton) 1642 W
Divine Songs and Meditacions (An Collins) 1653 W
Letters on Toleration (John Locke) 1689 W
Two Treatises of Government (John Locke) 1690 W
A Serious Proposal to the Ladies (Mary Astell) 1694 W
Essay on Projects (Daniel Defoe) 1697 W
Reflections on Marriage (Mary Astell) 1700 W

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