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Hoby, Thomas 1530 - 1566 P
Ralegh, Walter 1554 - 1618 P
Sidney, Philip 1554 - 1586 P
Fowler, William 1560 - 1612 P
Bacon, Francis 1561 - 1626 P
Ralegh, Elizabeth 1565 - 1647 P
Van Dyck, Anthony 1599 - 1641 P
D'Avenant, William 1606 - 1668 P
Burney, Fanny 1752 - 1840 P
Robert, Lord Dudley becomes chief favourite of Elizabeth I 1559 T Note
Lord Robert Dudley is created Earl of Leicester 1564 T Note
Queen Elizabeth knights Francis Drake at Deptford 1581 T Note
Queen Elizabeth I recalls Robert Earl of Essex from his command in France 1592 T Note
Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, becomes Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1599 T Note
Robert Earl of Essex is tried for misdemeanours in Ireland 1600 T Note
James I makes his favourite, Robert Carr, Viscount Rochester 1611 T Note
James I makes his favourite, Viscount Rochester, Earl of Somerset 1613 T Note
The Catholic Earl of Worcester is appointed Lord Privy Seal 1616 T Note
Sir George Villiers appointed Master of the Horse 1616 T Note
James I begins to sell peerages 1616 T Note

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