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Accession of the Emperor Rudolf II 1576 T Note
Archdukes back Ferdinand of Styria's claim to the Empire 1616 T Note
Charles Albert is crowned Emperor Charles VII 1742 T Note
Charles Albert, Elector of Bavaria, is elected Emperor 1742 T Note
Charles V is crowned Holy Roman Emperor 1520 T Note
Charles V is crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope 1530 T Note
Charles V meets the German Diet at Regensburg 1532 T Note
Charles V resigns the Holy Roman Empire to his brother 1556 T Note
Confirmation that German King automatically becomes Holy Roman Emperor 1508 T Note
Death of Emperor Matthias 1619 T Note
Emperor Charles VII dies 1745 T Note
Emperor Ferdinand I's death divides his inheritance 1564 T Note
Emperor Ferdinand III dies 1657 T Note
Emperor Leopold I dies 1705 T Note
Emperor Maximilian I dies 1519 T Note
Ferdinand I takes the title of Holy Roman Emperor 1558 T Note
Ferdinand of Bohemia is elected King of the Romans 1531 T Note
Formal election of Matthias of Bohemia as Holy Roman Emperor 1612 T Note
Friedrich III becomes Emperor of Germany 1888 T Note
Habsburg female rights of succession in 'the Pragmatic Sanction' 1713 T Note

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