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Mary Queen of Scots 1542 - 1587 P
Stuart, James VI 1566 - 1625 P
Arthur, Prince of Wales dies 1502 T Note
Coronation of Elizabeth I 1559 T Note
Coronation of Queen Anne Boleyn 1533 T Note
Death of Edward VI 1553 T Note
Edward VI makes Lady Jane Grey his successor 1553 T Note
Elizabeth resists Parliament's demands to execute Mary Queen of Scots 1572 T Note
English King Henry VI crowned King of France 1431 T Note
English succession will pass to children of Jane Seymour 1536 T Note
Henry VI is briefly restored 1470 - 1471 T Note
Henry VII's wife Queen Elizabeth dies in childbirth 1503 T Note
Henry VIII assumes the title 'Supreme Head of the Church' 1535 T Note
Henry VIII commands his army in France 1513 - 1513 T Note
Henry VIII marries Catherine of Aragon 1509 T Note
Henry VIII takes the title King of Ireland 1542 T Note
Henry VIII's illegitimate son, the Duke of Richmond, dies 1536 T Note
Lady Jane Grey is deposed and Mary proclaimed Queen 1553 T Note
Lady Jane Grey is unwillingly proclaimed Queen of England 1553 T Note
Parliament opposes the idea that Philip be crowned King 1555 T Note

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