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Elizabeth resists Parliament's demands to execute Mary Queen of Scots 1572 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots is tried for treason 1586 - 1586 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots pronounced guilty in the Star Chamber 1586 T Note
James I of England is crowned 1603 T Note
James VI and I is proclaimed King of Great Britain, France and Ireland 1604 T Note
James VI and I suggests a flag combining that of England and Scotland 1606 T Note
Death of James I and VI 1625 T Note
Virginia proclaims Charles II King 1660 T Note
Coronation of Charles II 1661 T Note
English Parliament is prorogued by Charles II 1671 T Note
Parliament declares James II has abdicated 1689 T Note
Succession to the English throne passes to the Electress Sophia 1700 T Note
Act of Settlement designates Hanoverian heirs to British throne 1701 T Note
King George I lands in England 1714 T Note
Birth of Prince Charles Edward, the Young Pretender 1720 T Note

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