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Mary Queen of Scots 1542 - 1587 P
Louis XII, Duke of Orleans succeeds as King of France 1498 T Note
Pope Alexander VI declares Louis XII King of Naples 1501 T Note
Henry VIII commands his army in France 1513 - 1513 T Note
Anne of Brittany, Queen of France, dies 1514 T Note
Francis I succeeds to throne of France 1515 T Note
The Dauphin Francis dies 1536 T Note
Henry II succeeds as King of France 1547 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots lands in France 1548 T Note
Francis II succeeds to throne of France 1559 T Note
Charles IX of France is declared to be of age at 13 1563 T Note
Henry III succeeds as King of France 1574 T Note
Henry III secretly leaves Poland for France 1574 T Note
Protestant Henry of Navarre becomes heir of France 1584 T Note
States-General suggest giving the French Crown to Duke of Guise 1588 T Note
Death of Catherine de' Medici, Queen Mother of France 1589 T Note
The League proclaims Cardinal of Bourbon as King Charles X 1590 T Note
Gregory XIV excommunicates Henry IV of France 1591 T Note
Philip II plans to place the Infanta Isabel on the throne of France 1592 T Note
Henry IV is crowned King of France at Chartres 1594 T Note

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