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Frederick the Great 1712 - 1786 P
Ferdinand of Bohemia is elected King of the Romans 1531 T Note
Maximilian is elected King of the Romans 1562 T Note
John III of Sweden unofficially becomes Catholic 1578 T Note
Death of Ferdinand IV, King of the Romans 1654 T Note
Augustus, the Elector of Saxony, is elected King of Poland 1697 T Note
Succession to the English throne passes to the Electress Sophia 1700 T Note
Frederick III of Brandenburg is crowned King of Prussia 1701 T Note
Frederick I of Prussia dies 1713 T Note
King George I lands in England 1714 T Note
Augustus II of Poland (and Saxony) dies 1733 T Note
Frederick William I of Prussia is succeeded by Frederick II 'the Great' 1740 T Note
Frederick the Great dies 1786 T Note
Jerome Bonaparte created King of Westphalia 1807 T Note
Hanover is separated from Britain 1837 T Note
Death of Frederick William III of Prussia 1840 T Note
German National Assembly thinks Frederick William IV refuses the crown 1849 T Note
Death of Ernest Augustus of Hanover 1851 T Note
Frederick William IV of Prussia suffers a stroke 1857 T Note
Frederick William IV of Prussia dies 1861 T Note

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