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Ladislas II becomes King of Hungary 1490 T Note
Hungarian King decreed to be independent of Pope and Emperor 1514 T Note
Louis II succeeds as King of Bohemia and Hungary, aged ten 1516 T Note
John Zapolya is crowned King of Hungary 1526 T Note
Archduke Ferdinand of Austria is crowned King of Bohemia 1527 T Note
Ferdinand is recognised King of Hungary 1527 T Note
Defeat of Suleyman the Magnificent in Hungary 1532 T Note
The infant John Sigismund Zápolya succeeds as King of Hungary 1540 T Note
Maximilian, King of the Romans, is elected King of Hungary 1563 T Note
John Sigismund Zapolya of Transylvania dies 1571 T Note
Ferdinand of Styria is crowned King of Hungary 1618 T Note

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