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Adams, John Quincy 1767 - 1848 P
Carter, James Earl 1924 - P
Jefferson, Thomas 1743 - 1826 P
Lincoln, Abraham 1809 - 1865 P
Roosevelt, Theodore 1858 - 1919 P
Washington, George 1732 - 1799 P
Abraham Lincoln is elected president 1860 T Note
Adams defeats Jefferson in presidential elections 1796 T Note
Andrew Jackson elected President of the USA 1828 T Note
Andrew Jackson is re-elected for second term as President of USA 1832 T Note
Benjamin Harrison is elected President of USA 1888 T Note
Benjamin Harrison, Republican, inaugurated as US President 1889 T Note
Disputed US Presidential election between Tilden and Hayes 1876 T Note
Franklin Pierce is elected US President 1852 T Note
Grover Cleveland, Democrat, wins US presidential election 1892 T Note
James B. Weaver becomes Populist Party presidential candidate 1892 T Note
James Buchanan elected US President 1856 T Note
James K Polk elected US President 1844 T Note
Jefferson begins second term as President 1805 T Note
Porfirio Diaz resigns presidency of Mexico 1911 T Note

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