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Duke of Buckingham is impeached 1626 T Note
'Darnel's case' sees five imprisoned Englishmen plead for release 1627 T Note
Trial of Sir John Eliot 1630 T Note
Trial of the Lancashire witches 1633 T Note
William Prynne is tried for libelling Queen Henrietta Maria 1634 T Note
Trial of Burton, Bastwicke and Prynne 1637 T Note
Lord Finch, the Lord Keeper, is impeached by the Commons 1640 T Note
Parliament endorses trial of the King 1648 T Note
Trial of Charles I 1649 T Note
John Lilburne put on trial for felony 1653 T Note
John Lilburne imprisoned though he was not found guilty 1653 T Note
Thomas Osborne is impeached by the House of Commons 1678 T Note
Lord Stafford is tried for treason 1680 T Note
Earl of Argyle is sentenced to death for treason 1681 T Note
Judge Jeffreys conducts the 'Bloody Assizes' 1685 T Note
James II introduces Roman Catholics into the Church and army 1686 T Note
Seven Bishops are tried for opposing the Declaration of Indulgence 1688 T Note
Parliament charges Sir John Fenwick with treason 1696 T Note
Bolingbroke is impeached 1715 T Note
Jonathan Wild is hanged at Tyburn 1725 T

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