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Amended Second Reform Bill passed by the House of Commons 1831 T Note
Bill suspends Home Rule and Welsh Church bills 1914 T Note
Bill to repeal Septennial Act defeated 1818 T Note
Both Houses pass Third Reform Bill 1832 - 1833 T Note
Commons pass Irish Home Rule bill 1913 T Note
Great Reform Act 1832 T
House of Commons passes First Reform Bill by one vote 1831 T Note
House of Lords throws out Second Reform Bill 1831 T Note
Irish Home Rule bill passes Commons 1913 T Note
Jamaican Constitution is suspended after riots 1839 T Note
Lords pass Parliament bill 1911 T Note
New liberal Constitution granted in Hanover by William IV 1833 T Note
Pitt introduces Regency bill 1789 T Note
Progress of Parliament bill accelerated 1911 T Note
Reform Bill 1866 T Note
Reform Bill checked: Parliament is dissolved 1831 T Note
Second Reform Act - Representation of the People Act 1867 T Note
Third Reform Act 1884 T Note
Transvaal granted constitution 1905 T Note
Western Australia granted representative government 1870 T Note

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