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'Act of Satisfaction' for distribution of forfeited lands in Ireland 1653 T Note
Black Act 1723 T
Crown Lands ordinance 1902 T Note
Entail (Strict Settlement) 1640 - 1880 T
First private parliamentary enclosure act 1710 - 1710 T Note
Game Act 1671 1671 T
Game Act 1711 1711 T Note
Game Act 1770 1770 T Note
Game Act 1775 1775 T Note
Game Act 1831 1831 T Note
Irish Land Purchase Act 1903 T Note
Land Act 1885 T Note
Land Act (2) 1881 T Note
Land bill for Ireland extends tenants' rights 1896 T Note
Lord Ashbourne's Act authorises loans for Irish tenants 1885 T Note
Night Poaching Act 1800 1800 T Note
Night Poaching Act 1817 1817 T Note
Riots in Northamptonshire against enclosure of common land 1607 T Note
William III vetoes a bill for a landed property qualification for MPs 1696 T Note

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