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Cromwell, Oliver 1599 - 1658 P
The Earl of Leicester takes up his command in the Netherlands 1585 T Note
Leicester returns to England from the Netherlands 1586 T Note
The Earl of Leicester returns to his command in the Netherlands 1587 T Note
The Earl of Leicester resigns his command in the Netherlands 1588 T Note
Queen Elizabeth I recalls Robert Earl of Essex from his command in France 1592 T Note
Cromwell becomes Lieutenant-General of the New Model Army 1645 T Note
Oliver Cromwell flees from Parliament to the army 1647 T Note
General Monck in Scotland calls for a free Parliament 1659 T Note
General Monck crosses River Tweed into England 1660 T Note
The Duke of Monmouth becomes Captain-General of the army 1670 T Note
James, Duke of York, is forced by Test Act to resign as Lord High Admiral 1673 T Note
Earl of Marlborough becomes Captain-General of the English armed forces 1702 T Note

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