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Earl of Essex surrenders at Fowey 1644 T Note
Commons vote to disband most of the army 1647 T Note
The 'Representation of the Army' sets out grievances 1647 T Note
Colonel Poyner refuses to disband his troops 1648 T Note
Colonel John Lambert leads 10 000 troops to prevent General Monck entering England 1659 T Note
William III serves with the army in Holland 1695 - 1695 T Note
Robert Harley proposes reducing the size of the British Army 1697 T Note
The size of the British army is drastically reduced 1699 T Note
Britain engages Hessian mercenaries for the defence of Hanover 1727 T Note
Militia Act 1757 T Note
Britain supports Portugal against Spain by sending troops to Tagus 1826 T Note
Edward Cardwell's Army reforms reorganise British army 1871 T Note
Armies of Roberts and Buller join forces 1900 T Note
Conscription abolished in Britain 1920 T Note

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