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John Hawkins and Francis Drake are trapped by Spanish ships in the West Indies 1568 T Note
Battle of Gravelines ends Spanish Armada's hopes of success 1588 T Note
Sir John Burrows captures a valuable Portuguese galleon 1592 T Note
Spanish Armada sets off for England 1597 T Note
Earl of Buckingham appointed Lord High Admiral of England 1619 T Note
Parliament assumes control of the Navy 1642 T Note
Sir John Pennington is unable to get the fleet back for the King 1642 T Note
Royalist troops sail from Ireland to North Wales 1643 T Note
Parliament takes the Isles of Scilly 1646 T Note
Independents and radicals purge the Navy and dockyards 1649 T Note
Prince Rupert is unable to break Robert Blake's blockade 1650 T Note
English engage in an amphibious operation across the Firth of Forth 1651 T Note
Robert Blake captures Jersey for Parliament 1651 T Note
Battle of Leghorn/ Livorno 1653 T Note
Robert Blake and Edward Montagu set sail to intercept Spain's fleet 1656 T Note
Spanish treasure ships are captured off Cadiz 1656 - 1656 T Note
English navy defeats Spanish fleet off Santa Cruz 1657 T Note
Edward Montagu sails to support Sweden against the Dutch and Danish fleet 1659 T Note
Vice-Admiral John Lawson threatens to blockade London if Parliament is not restored 1659 T Note
First Navigation Act adopted 1660 T Note

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