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Admiral Byng defeats Spain off Cape Passaro 1718 T Note
British Parliament orders reinforcement of the Mediterranean fleet 1738 T Note
British navy prevents Neapolitans and Spaniards from taking Lombardy 1742 T Note
Indecisive naval Battle of Toulon 1744 T Note
Consolidation Act of British Navy for the improvement of the service 1749 T Note
Boscawen defeats French off Cape St. Vincent 1759 T Note
Royal Navy under Admiral Hawke defeats French at Quiberon Bay 1759 T Note
French fleet arrives off Delaware 1778 T Note
British replace French; reforming navy in Naples 1779 T Note
Britain enlarges navy 1791 T Note
The Spithead Naval mutiny 1797 - 1797 T
Nore Naval Mutiny 1797 T
Naval mutiny at Spithead 1797 T Note
Embargo placed on British vessels in Russian ports 1800 T Note
Funeral of Nelson 1806 - 1806 T Note
Britain blockaded by Napoleon 1806 T Note
Creation of British African squadron 1811 T Note
British fleet is sent into Black Sea 1854 T Note
Britain decides to send fleet to Constantinople 1878 T Note
Naval Defence Act in Britain increases ship-building 1889 T Note

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