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Battle of Leyte Gulf 1944 T Note
First aircraft carrier 1922 T Note
German submarine Deutschland reaches U.S. 1916 T Note
Lusitania sunk 1915 T Note
Naval appropriations bill passed 1912 T Note
U.S. Great White Fleet 1907 - 1909 T Note
U.S. mines North Vietnam ports 1972 T Note
U.S. ship Mayaguez seized by Cambodians 1975 T Note
U.S. vessel Gulflight sunk by German submarines 1915 T Note
US naval victory at Santiago 1898 T Note
USS Liberty destroyed 1967 T Note
USS Pueblo attacked by North Koreans 1968 T Note
Woodrow Wilson orders arming of U.S. merchant ships 1917 T Note

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