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Act against Administering Unlawful Oaths 1797 T Note
Act outlawing the publication of unlicensed material passed by the English Parliament 1649 T Note
Blasphemy Act is passed at Westminster 1648 T Note
Charles II again dissolves Parliament to halt the Exclusion Bill 1679 T Note
Charles II dissolves parliament to halt the Exclusion Bill 1679 T Note
Combinations of Workmen Act 1859 T Note
Decree of Star-Chamber Concerning Printing 1637 T Note
English Parliament rejects concessions to Nonconformists 1660 T Note
Government censorship of the press is ended in England 1695 T Note
Habeas Corpus Act suspended in Ireland 1848 T Note
James I forbids the discussion of state affairs 1620 T Note
James I imprisons Sir Edward Coke for his share in the Protestation 1621 T Note
James I places John Pym, the Parliamentary leader, under house arrest 1622 T Note
James I tears the Protestation from the Commons Journal 1621 T Note
John Cowell's law dictionary is censured 1610 T Note
John Lilburne acquitted of the charge of sedition 1649 T Note
John Lilburne put on trial for felony 1653 T Note
John Tutchin dies on the pillory 1707 T Note
Leveller leaders arrested on charges of sedition 1649 T Note
Licensing Act 1662 T

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